Dr. Cheng Surgeon





Patricia, 72,
Clerical Worker.
Coflex placement for taking the pressure off from the nerve.

Juan, 55.
Retired Carpenter.
Underwent L3-L4 foraminotomy

Joanne, 70.
Had a scoliosis surgery.

Tamala, 56,
Business Owner
Had Total Disk Replacement

Angelina, 62.
Executive Asst.
for Pharm Co. Spine osteotomy
for hunchback

Willis, 83.
3-level laminectomy
for pinched nerve.

Patricia, 76.
Office manager for naval weapon center,
surgery for “bone disappearing disease".

Eugene, 32.
GPS Data Collector.
Total discs replacement
for degenerative disc disease.

Tina, 50.
Spine reconstruction for scoliosis.

Tim, 54.
Underground utility construction.
Front and back spine surgery for hunchback.

Crystal, 19.
College Swimmer,
status post-scoliosis reconstruction.

Lupe, 73.
multi-level compression fractures, underwent kyphoplasty


Dennis, 61.
Slippage of spine and pinched nerve.
Underwent decompression and stabilization of lower back.


Michael, 72.
Retired fireman, now an active general contractor.
He has a pinched nerve. Underwent decompression of lower back.

Lloyd, 77.
Retired youth pastor, pilot.
Laminectomy for spinal stenosis.

Larry, 72.
Retired quality assurance manager.
Fusion for spondylolisthesis.

Denise, 57.
Entire spine reconstruction for
for kyphoscoliosis.

Jeannete, 71 year-old.
status post surgery for spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and spondylolisthesis