Medical Alternatives

Recommended alternative treatment to relieve your spinal pain

When prevention, physical therapy and medications aren’t working, Bones and Spine Surgery Inc. advocates the use of medical alternatives. We recommend the following alternatives to reduce spine pain.

  • Injections - often performed around the small joints in the spine (facet joints), nerve roots, and the spinal canal itself (epidural injections). The amount of relief depends on what type of spinal condition is present. The injections consist of a combination of steroids and short and long-term anesthetics. They’re utilized in an attempt to decrease pain in order to avoid the need for an operation
  • Pain Centers - these offer specialists trained specifically to help patients deal with chronic pain. They provide a comprehensive treatment plan including the prescribing of medications, injections, psychological evaluations and occasional implantation of spinal cord stimulation.
  • Holistic medicine - options such as acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic adjustment, bio-magnets and yoga may provide some temporary relief for your spinal condition.

Have the above methods not reduced your spinal pain? There may be other factors at play.

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