Specializing in both technologically advanced and
minimally invasive surgery

Surgery is always the last option and is performed only on clear and identifiable conditions as a solution to decrease pain.
When it is needed, Bones and Spine Surgery Inc. specializes in the following procedures.

Minimally invasive
spinal surgery

This generally requires small incisions, usually performed with endoscopic visualization. Whenever possible, this is the preferred method of surgery because significant damage to the muscle tissue around the spine is avoided. This results in a quicker healing process for the patient and less post-surgery pain.

Complex reconstructive
spinal surgery

This procedure is generally performed on patients with a misalignment of the spine or major deformity. It involves returning the spine to its natural curvature by stabilizing it with rods, pins and the fusion of vertebrae. This type of surgery is divided into two types. The first is spinal fusion, which involves removing a damaged disk and fusing two vertebrae together in order to reduce pain. The second type is artificial disk replacement.

Artificial disk replacement

This procedure involves replacing a painful or broken disk with an artificial one. The artificial disk is shaped similar to the damaged disk and serves the same function, acting as a shock absorber for the spine. This procedure relieves chronic pain from the damaged disk without altering the spine’s natural structure.

Dynamic spinal stabilization

Traditional spine surgery generally reduces motion and flexibility of the spine to eliminate pain. Dynamic spinal stabilization, however, aims to both reduce pain and allow the patient to retain some normal spine flexibility and function. The procedure involves inserting a flexible rod into the spine to stabilize the joints, which keeps the vertebrae in a more natural position and the spine itself intact.

When it comes to surgery, patients must have clear and realistic expectations of the procedure, recovery time, and maintenance of post-surgery health. Muscles, ligaments, tendons, small joints in the spine, weight control, smoking, dedication to good back care, and the psychological profile of a person affects surgical result

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