You have the power to take control of your spinal condition

You are encouraged to follow appropriate eating habits, exercise and proper body mechanics in order to strengthen your spine. The very best treatment for spinal pain is prevention, not pills, shots or surgery.

Your body is getting older every day, and it is important to avoid activities that aggravate existing conditions. The body is designed to wear out. That’s why you should use proper body mechanics in all of your daily activities, pay attention to it, and increase your strength. Most patients are their own best doctors.

Below are a few simple actions you can take to prevent spinal injuries and increase your overall health:

Lose weight - and lose your lower back pain along with it

Being overweight is simply bad for your back. The fact is that excess weight strongly contributes to lower back pain and to almost all spinal conditions. Get motivated, lose weight, and feel better. This is a factor you can control, and it will not only help your spine, but also improve your overall health and disposition.

Exercise - a strong spine is a pain-free spine

Exercise is important for people of all ages. But as you grow older it becomes even more important when it comes to preventing spinal conditions and fostering overall health. The stronger your body is, the less chance it will have for injury and health risks. At a minimum, brisk walking one or two miles per day is a low impact manner in which to achieve cardiovascular and strength training.

Quit smoking now! - your spine will thank you later

You’ve heard this before, but did you know that smoking aggravates back pain as well? Spine patients who smoke have been clearly identified to have a lower pain threshold than non-smoking patients. When it comes to surgery, smokers typically have a less predictable outcome because smoking increases healing time. Additionally, after surgery smokers also have a higher risk of complications and infection.

Have the above methods not reduced your spinal pain? There may be other factors at play.

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